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"One - The Movie"

Dato: lørdag 24. februar 2007
kl. 14.00 (billettkjøp fra kl. 13.00)
Visningssted: SORIA MORIA KINO








One - The Movie with Diane Ward and Sadhguru

Diane, Sadhguru and Ward







One - The Movie

 en splittet og konfliktfylt verden er temaet for One... the movie hvordan vi alle er én eller ett og hvordan vi kan bringe frem denne EN-ergien som en spirituell kraft.

Laget av en mann som våknet en morgen med en dyp drøm om å lage en film om enhet, uten selv å være filmskaper, eller å ha eget kamera. På mystisk vis har denne filmen samlet seg, med intervjuer av de mest kjente og anerkjente spirituelle ansikter og har nå visninger over alt i verden.


Vi siterer fra filmens hjemmesider:

Circle of Bliss Productions announced the release and availability of the documentary ONE... The Movie. This film asks the big questions of life to people on the street and to many of the world's most renowned and respected spiritual leaders, authors, icons and celebrated masters including, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Father Richard Rohr, Llewellyn Vaughn-Lee, Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, Father Thomas Keating and B.T. Swami with comment from His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.

What types of questions do these spiritual masters answer? What happens to you after you die? Describe God. When is war justifiable? What is the meaning of life? How would God want us to respond to aggression and terrorism? And more...

As baby boomers mature and a new generation of 'meaning seeking' movie-goers flood into the movies houses in search of films that challenge convention, inspire thought and stir the soul, this backyard film from the Midwest that has been called a "deeply moving film", may just help unite humanity.

In the spring of 2002 Ward M. Powers suddenly awoke in the middle of night with an idea that called him to action. He needed to make a film that would express to all of humanity the importance of understanding our interconnectedness... a film that would communicate the idea that WE ARE ALL ONE. Powers, a Detroit-area trial attorney who had never done any film making, mail ordered a video camera and embarked on what turned out to be a two-year life-changing odyssey.

The film seemed to have a life of its own. Powers started by asking for help from friends and family but soon, doors opened and support flooded in from all directions. They had no prior experience, industry connections and very little budget, but because of the project's theme they were able to attract an array of technical, creative and production talent required to successfully complete a feature length documentary.

"In an increasingly divided world... the power of ONENESS is longing to emerge", said Powers. "It was this energy and inspiration that we knew would transcend any limitations or difficulties that we might encounter while trying to make this film".

Over the next two years the unlikely crew traveled the country asking 'life's ultimate questions' to Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, the homeless, Sufis, Muslims, street kids, Jews, Taoists, Native Americans, Atheists, philosophers, social architects, prostitutes, mystics, monks, moms, medicine-men, teenagers, working people, and more, capturing wisdom from those in remote monasteries to those in the urban alleyways.

ONE... The Movie, weaves the novice filmmaker's remarkable journey with a tightly edited thematic collage of the interview responses using threads of music and imagery in a style that challenges traditional film genre classifications.

Ward M. Powers is the Creator and Director of ONE... The Movie. He has been a practicing civil trial attorney in the State of Michigan for over 24 years. ONE is his first foray into independent filmmaking. An amateur musician, sculptor and author he has enjoyed a lifelong interest in the arts and creative expression. He lives in Novi, Michigan with his wife Diane and three daughters.

Scott Carter assisted with the creation and production of ONE... The Movie, and also appears in the film as the 'nameless traveler'. He has been recognized for his work in the Silk Screen industry. He currently lives in South Lyon, Michigan with his wife Kathy and two daughters.

Diane Powers is the Associate Producer for the film and established Lumen Naturae Promotions, LLC which has overseen ONE's promotion and distribution. She is also the founder of Bridgepointe, a non-profit organization 501 charity whose purpose is to promote understanding, unity and the cause of oneness.