Månedens Spirituelle Film


"Miracle in Milan"

Dato: lørdag 24. september 2005
kl. 14.00 (billettkjøp fra kl. 13.00)
Visningssted: SORIA MORIA KINO

Miracle in Milan

Informasjon fra http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miracle_in_Milan:

This fantasy tale tells of Totò, who is found in a cabbage patch and adopted by an old woman named Lolotta. He later moves to an orphanage because Lolotta passes away.

The film moves forward in time to the character being eighteen years of age and Totò (Francesco Golisano) leaves the orphanage and begins to live in a shantytown in Milan.

Totò's organizational skills, learned at the orphanage and from Lolotta, brings structure to the colony and brings a sense of small happiness and well being among the depressed people.

When Totò is given a magic dove by the ghost of his adoptive mother, he uses its powers to grant wishes to those who ask. The dove, however, is taken back by two angels who object to a mortal having possession of it.

The land where Totò and his friends live is taken over by capitalists after oil is found there and they are all taken away to prison in horse-drawn paddy wagons. On the way to prison, however, a dove is returned to Totò and his wish for the freedom of his friends is granted. In a historical cinematic scene they escape into the sky, arguably to heaven, on brooms pinched from street sweepers in Milan's central square.